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Dear Friend,

100% SUCCESS IS YOUR HERITAGE! God has planned absolutely NO FAILURES for you. You are destined to succeed and prosper in whatever you do. Psalm 1:3

THE MORE YOU KNOW, THE MORE YOU’LL GROW! If you desire to enjoy the success that God has or­dained for you, then you must understand one im­portant fact: Success isn’t a function of doing more. It is a function of knowing more. Ecclesiastes 10:10 declares Success isn’t gained through much sweat. It is gained through much wisdom!

At the Dominion Success Institute, in 4 short weeks, you will gain powerful skill-sharpening, result-producing, wisdom principles that will deliver life-long success to you and keep you prosperous and buoyant in any economy. You will stay on the cutting edge of progress and advancement in your chosen field.


I welcome you as this great journey begins. Get ready to soar to greater heights! Get ready to become a pacesetter and a role model!

Complete the DSI program in five simple steps



Our team is thrilled to help you get a step closer to your success! Completing the registration process provides you access to our 4-week life-changing program.

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Make a Payment

Once you have registered, please proceed to make a payment once you enroll for your courses. For payment issues email tutu@dominionlifestyle.org or call 1(832) 723-0854

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Complete CC Courses

Our courses are designed to sharpen your skills and provoke your critical thinking. Level One courses are filled with powerful success pillars that will empower you and equip you for the next level.

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Complete 1 optional elective

DSI Electives are vocational enhancements for success. They are intensives on specific topics. Only one elective is chosen for program completion as the goal is to ensure each student has an in-depth understanding of the topic.

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Get Certified

This program is highly effective and at times fast pace, we desire our students to be pacesetters and at the top of their field. Due to the pace of the program, we suggest students take out time to really engage in the content of the courses in order to successfully complete the course. Upon completion of the program, an admin will reach out to you for certification details.

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Get Started with Core Courses (REQUIRED)

Get started with the Dominion Success Institute Courses by beginning with the required Course Courses (CC). Once you have finished with the CC courses, you may proceed to choosing one of the three electives.

Core Courses (CC)

Select 1 of 3 Electives below (OPTIONAL)

Once you have completed your required Course Courses (CC), you may proceed to choosing 1 of the 3 electives below.

Entrepreneurship Level Courses (EE)

Professional Level Courses (EP)

Ministry Level Courses (EM)

We Welcome you to DSI!

Program Scholastic Structure

Dominion Success Institute is a 4-week intense, in-depth, life-impacting training program. The DSI program will empower and equip each student to become an outstanding success in every area of life. This program enables students to build and maintain their foundation for success.

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Core & Elective Courses

The curriculum is organized in two levels of instruction- Level 1 (Core Courses) and Level 2 (Elective Courses). Each level focuses on an array of topics that help students become pacesetters and role mod­els for others and point the way to true and lasting success.

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Purpose Driven

This program helps students, attain their ultimate potential, by helping them discover their purpose. The goal is for the student to occupy and reign in his/her God-ordained position of authority and dominion in life.

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